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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Taiwanderful's Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2010

Another "election," but without the noise trucks

It's time for the third annual Best Taiwan Blog Awards, put on by David and Fili of Taiwanderful. One of the purposes of these awards is "community building and linking" among Taiwan bloggers.

Taiwanderful Best Taiwan Blog Awards 2010

Click the image above to go to the page where you can directly vote for Taiwan Matters!
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Once there, click the plus (+) sign to vote.


You can vote for your favorite Taiwan blogs (Anyone can vote for as many blogs as they'd like -- no registration required!) by clicking the plus sign (+) below the number in the box just below the name of any blogs you like. Follow the link at the beginning of this paragraph to see a list of Taiwan blogs, background info, and links.

Follow this link for more info about the awards. Get to know more Taiwan blogs, and let's all help each other show Taiwan's unique aspects to each other and to the rest of the world!

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