"Pay close attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Monday, July 28, 2003

They've got Saddam surrounded! "We mean it!"

Er, uh, nevermind. It must've been some other guy with a mustache. "This is (the hype of) CNN." Then again, maybe somebody was watching that report and made a phone call. Ya think?

Here's another one that digs back a few weeks (Mid-May). Did you ever wonder if the bodies in those mass graves found in Iraq maybe -- just maybe -- could have been (stretch your imagination here with me) casualties caused by the U.S. bombing that I opposed in the first Gulf War? I was just thinking, you know, instead of letting the news draw my conclusions for me. Try it yourself sometime.

Doing some research in an attempt to verify the dates on the above, I stumbled upon Dick Cheney referring to mass graves and "children's prisons" in the same breath. (Didn't at least one of those "prisons" already turn out to be an orphanage?) I'm surprised he didn't throw in that old yarn about "Iraqi soldiers removing Kuwaiti babies from hospital incubators" -- just for good measure.
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