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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

And the nominees for Most Murderous Actor are...

This article from Saturday's Scotsman says quite a bit:
DAVID Kelly’s last e-mail spoke of "many dark actors playing games". The Hutton Inquiry has begun to shed light on the identity of those actors and the games they played. After just four days of evidence, the cast already includes the Prime Minister [Tony Blair], the Defence Secretary [Geoff Hoon] and one of Britain’s most senior intelligence figures. Alastair Campbell would not have written this script.

Documents which would normally have remained secret for decades have become public property just weeks after they were written, and have helped to nail the lie that Dr Kelly was dealt with like any other government employee in similar circumstances. The lengths to which the government was prepared to go to ensure that its message, and its message alone, was the one the public received, has been exposed as never before. [Emphasis mine.]

Yet this week, the agenda was out of its control. The government machine and its cogs have been forced to stand helplessly by and watch as Lord Hutton, the man it hoped would clear its name, began to dismantle its very fabric.
Be sure to read the rest of the article, too, as it contains way too much to summarize here.

The part about "Documents which would normally have remained secret for decades" is really poignant. Almost 4 decades after the assassination of JFK, the world still has to wait another 23 years or so before documents from the HSCA's (House Select Committee on Assassinations) investigation into that matter are opened to the public. It's no wonder that conspiracy theories abound. After all, without the facts, all that can exist is speculation.

Meanwhile, back in London... as Alastair Campbell arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice today, banners protesting the Iraq war were being carried outside. One of them read: "Eight thousand Iraqis dead, 55 British soldiers dead, Dr Kelly dead, Iraq in chaos -- liberation?" So it's very good to see the swift and impartial investigation happening in this case. The public needs to know the truth so that we can truly move forward to the kind of world where this cannot happen. This is what democracy is about.
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