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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Creative Democracy

In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, things went terribly wrong. The runner-up is now in the White House squandering the federal budget, packing the administration with religious extremists, and committing murder across the globe. Many Democrats feel hopeless, and -- well -- they just may be.

Take a look at these statistics. Currently, they show Joe Lieberman in the lead. But if you go down to the 4th section, you'll see that whoever's participating in this poll all seem to have the hots for Hillary. The so-called "left" has become far too "centrist" for my tastes.

Some creative thinkers have adopted a plan to "draft the General," that being Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, CNN. Don't get me wrong -- anybody would be better than Bush. But can't the Dems get a little more creative?

Too bad Frank Zappa is dead! Larry Flynt probably won't win the California governor's office -- if this farce of a "recall" is actually carried out. Maybe he could be drafted for the job. Michael Moore? Bill Moyers for Prez? Let's "aggregate" some "diffuse" ideas on this one -- how 'bout it?
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