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Monday, August 18, 2003

Geoff Hoon set to confuse Americans [so here's a translation]

In a case where we may actually be able to know tomorrow's news today, British Defence [Defense] Secretary Geoff [Jeff] Hoon is said to be preparing to "carry the can" [take responsibility] for the death of Dr [Dr.] David Kelly. According to Channel News Asia, "Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has been accused of putting his political self-interest ahead of Dr Kelly's welfare." The Beeb [BBC] says, Hoon has told colleagues that "he expects the furore [furor] to end his ministerial career." What? George Tenet didn't lose his job!

On Tuesday, Number 10 [British equivalent of "White House"] communications director Alastair [Al] Campbell is expected to be questioned over his involvement in "transforming" ["sexing up"] the dossier which was used to bolster the case for going to war in Iraq.

And Wednesday will be the day when we should get to hear what Blair spokesman Tom "Walter Mitty" Kelly (who formerly worked for the BBC) has to say for himself on that matter.

Heads will be rolling on Downing Street [British analogue of Pennsylvania Avenue]. I hope to return to a more serious manner commentary after these things have actually taken place.
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