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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Jumping to conclusions

The longer I ponder the mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly, the less sense it makes to me. I think it has something to do with the word "suicide" and the way it has been and continues to be used in the news to describe this case.

A Google news search for "David Kelly" murder today comes up with 37 hits. (A similar search for "David Kelly" suicide currently gives 3,440 hits.) Finally, some questions are being asked. For over 2 weeks, I've been seeing the kind of headlines which state that Dr. Kelly's death was a suicide as if it were a known fact. Questions that should have been asked much earlier about electrodes, the lack of a suicide note, outside interference into the investigation, and -- last, but not least -- the rush to judgement are finally being asked.

I don't wish to blindly promote these theories of murder and draw a rapid conclusion from them as some have. However, I do find it somewhat positive that these questions are being asked. More questions need to be put to the news organizations whose editors plainly state "suicide" as opposed to "suspected suicide," "mysterious death," or more objective terms such as "death," "demise," or other words which don't draw conclusions for the audience.
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