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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The secret enemies of David Kelly

In a strange twist to the "fiction" portrayed daily in the news, British government spokesman Tom Kelly -- hopefully no relation to Dr. David Kelly -- has admitted and apologized for calling the doctor a "Walter Mitty character," implying that the things Dr. Kelly told the BBC regarding the British government's case for war were merely the result of the overactive imagination of a person with an unfulfilling life.

Why would Tom Kelly do such an utterly despicable thing? The Guardian gives us a pretty good idea. An article published today says of just such government spokespersons: "On a daily basis they sow rumour and disinformation in order to discredit critics of the government." Hear! Hear! [Side note: Down below that article, there's a sadly funny reference to the "search for WMCs (Walter Mitty characters)."]

It would only logically follow, then, that Dr. Kelly had in fact said the things Andrew Gilligan is being accused of falsely attributing to him and that the British government was already aware of the fact. Tom Kelly's apology doesn't actually prove anything, but if Dr. Kelly didn't give Mr. Gilligan the information about the "sexed-up" dossier, this latest accusation would be even more absurd. First, they say that David Kelly didn't say these things to the BBC. Then, the British government's story changes: "Well, he said it, but only because he was, er, delusional. Yeah, that's the ticket." I hate it when that happens!
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