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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Tony talks trash

According to an early Reuters report of Tony Blair's testimony before the Hutton Inquiry, "if a BBC report accusing his government of 'sexing up' intelligence on Iraq's banned weapons capability had been true, he would have resigned." As the Brits would say, that's utter rubbish!

If it had been true?! Ha! We all know that more than 45 minutes have passed since "A-Day," and no weapons of mass destruction have been used by Iraq, and none have turned up. We've repeatedly heard from intelligent "intelligence sources" that there was no evidence to back up the "45 minutes" claim. How long do we have to wait before the BBC report is "proven correct"?

I can't wait to see the full transcript of Blair's testimony. (I will update this when it's online.) In the meantime, the Beeb has key points from today's proceedings.

UPDATE: Read the entirety of Tony Blair's testimony before the Hutton Inquiry. This will take me some time to digest. I hope to update this report even further on the morrow.
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