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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Closing arguments

Just after posting today's earlier blog, I watched Jeremy Gumpertz live on television delivering some of his closing arguments to the Hutton Inquiry, and he appeared to be doing one hell of a job. Although I only saw a short bit before they cut away to "regular programming," the transcript of his arguments is now available online. Mr. Gumpertz' section comprises the first 27+ pages and is followed by the beginning of closing remarks of Jonathan Sumption QC, counsel for the British Government.

News reports have already come out highlighting Gumpertz' emphasis of Andrew Gilligan's unreliability while simultaneously crediting the BBC for making admissions and accepting criticism (which Andrew Gilligan also most certainly did -- I'm not sure if he's distinguishing here between Gilligan and the BBC's governors). If Gilligan's organizer notes alone were being used to convict someone, I wouldn't discount Gumpertz' assertion toward the unreliability of the evidence. But on this point, I have one big question: if Dr. Kelly didn't tell Gilligan these things, where did he get the information?
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