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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Frog-marching time?

There are all sorts of things I'm interested in and concerned about which I don't write about in this blog, and there are just as many reasons for not writing about 'em. Not least among those reasons is that everybody else is writing about certain subjects, and I don't feel I have anything special knowledge, insight, or opinions to contribute.

Today's subject, however -- the outing by someone in the Bush administration of an undercover CIA agent and especially the subsequent inaction of the White House when confronted by the Justice Department and a de-zombified press corps -- is one which has been written about by all of the following (and more -- hang your cursor over the links to see more info):
* Atrios
* Tom Tomorrow
* Tom Tomorrow recaps
* ABC News
* Timothy Noah in Slate
* MSNBC.com's Alex Johnson with NBC's Andrea Mitchell
* SciScoop
* Joshua Marshall's Talking Points Memo
* Josh Marshall's TPM
* Josh's TPM
* Mr. Marshall's TPM
* Josh again
* JM's TPM
* TPM again
* Once more, it's TPM
* JM again
* One more time, Josh Marshall
* Let's hear a big round of applause for Josh Marshall
* Josh Marshall!
* Josh, by gosh
* The Talking Points Memo guy
* Ladies and gentlemen, here he is -- Josh Marshall!
* Back by popular demand, Josh Marshall
* Even Fox News
Yet, I've still jumped into the fray on this one. Why? Well, I've known since at least the last presidential election that Bush and those around him are incapable of telling the truth, so lots of the news simply seems redundant to me, and I have little hope that anything will come of the slight glimmers of hope one occasionally sees. But this one feels different. It's like a real fire has been lit under the media's ass -- a fire that it cannot ignore, a fire that won't go out. I keep hoping that these recurring fires will stir the zombies in the press corps and get them to ask some real questions, but I've been disappointed so many times I can't tell you.

Joe Wilson has finally pointed a finger at "Bush's Brain," and gotten this fire started with the provocative statement that "It's of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs. And trust me, when I use that name, I measure my words."

Those are some pretty strong words! I'm sure you all remember Joe Wilson who kindly pointed out that the "16 words" from Bush's State of the Union address suggesting that Iraq tried to obtain uranium from Africa had already been proven to be blatantly false. If you read Talking Points Memo, you'll have just about read it all. Joshua Marshall seems to be writing about two hours' worth of material on the subject every thirty minutes or so. You don't have to read it all, but if you do, you'll certainly be armed with lots of valuable information.

What are you going to do with all that info? You're going to verify the facts for yourself, of course. Then you're going to spread it around. It's about time this fire finally got lit. Fan the flames, and set that fire under a few more asses so it doesn't go out. (You can even go troll some "Freeper" boards if you've got the stomach for it!) In other words, "this cannot be overstated." Let's make sure that in 2004 we "won't get fooled again."

Afterthought: Maybe Scott McClellan has valid reasons for his "evasive" answers (and I probably shouldn't speculate about what those might be), and maybe we will all be surprised when the originally stated reasons for going to war in Iraq once again become the current reasons, and maybe Bush really is a "compassionate conservative" after all. Naaaaaaaaaaah!
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