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Thursday, September 11, 2003

The vapor trails of 9/11

9/11 is going to have a history murkier than anything that came before. Two years and two wars after the events of September 11, 2001, we're no safer as human beings, no more peaceful. It could be that it's quite the opposite.

The senselessness of it, and all that followed will not be made any more sensible by silly theories about what you get with Windows dingbat fonts when typing various words, city names, flight numbers, and so on. Stick with the facts, dispense with the lies, figure out the truth (it's there among all the lies), and see what we can do to create a world where this kind of thing could never happen again.

The following links, generally in chronological order (except when pointing out jarring juxtapositions), will help you to locate well-annotated information about the events of September 11, 2001.

General information:
An incredibly detailed timeline of the events of 9/11
20 Unanswered Questions About 9/11
What Really Happened
The aim of this navbar is to connect the dots of 9/11 and its aftermath. Why did it happen, how did it happen, who did it, and who benefits from the 'New World Order'? Go through the articles and work it out for yourself. The truth isn't a conspiracy theory, and it often poses a threat to power.
September 11, 2001:
Two passenger jets crash into the two WTC towers in downtown Manhattan. Another passenger plane crashes into the Pentagon. One more, supposedly headed for the White House, goes down in a field in rural Pennsylvania. Fighter jets scramble like constipated snails. Aboard the plane which crashed into the Pentagon was Barbara Olson, the wife of U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson. She called him as the plane was being hijacked.
Bush sits in a classroom for 20 minutes after the second plane crashed into the WTC:
The Memory Hole
What Really Happened
What else Bush did and didn't do on 9/11/2001

Was Flight 93 shot down? You decide:
Google search results
Sometime between September 11 and 16, 2001:
Guess what! Somebody "stumbled upon" the passport of hijacker Satam M. A. Al Suqami near the WTC:
Giuliani holds on to hope
About those Black Boxes: Something's Up...
ABC News: The Sept. 11 Hijackers
Strange Case Of The Black Box And The Indestructible Passport
CNN: Ashcroft says more attacks may be planned
Leaders urge 'normal' Monday after week of terror
(BEWARE: Some of the above links, while containing good info and links, may also contain other "questionable" data related to things like numerology, etc.)

Early to mid-October, 2001:
Envelopes containing anthrax are mailed to US Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (Democrat), NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, and several other media offices.

Sometime between July and September, 2002:
FBI names Steven Hatfill as a "person of interest" in anthrax investigation. Hatfill is subsequently fired from his new job at Louisiana State University after moving his possessions to his new home in Baton Rouge. Even if he is guilty, the approach to the investigation is wrong.

October 24, 2001:
Patriot Act I is swiftly thrust upon an unsuspecting public, destroying Constitutional rights protecting against unreasonable searches and more.
Here's the full text of Patriot Act I.

October 31, 2001
EFF Analysis Of Provisions Of PATRIOT Act Related To Online Activities

January 2, 2003:
Draft of Patriot Act II (PDF file)

April 2, 2003:
Get Ready for PATRIOT II By Matt Welch, AlterNet

September 8 - 11, 2003:
What's really in the USA Patriot Act (First of a 4-part series).
Read parts 2, 3, and 4 via these links.
Now you demonize him, now you don't...
September 17, 2001:
Bush says of Osama bin Laden, Wanted: dead or alive.

March 13, 2002:
Bush says of Osama bin Laden, "I truly am not that concerned about him."
Highlights [sic] of Bush news conference (CNN)
Osama bin Laden: Now You See Him, Now You Don't (AlterNet)
Irrelevant? (BartCop)
October 7, 2001:
U.S. and allied forces invade Afghanistan. Media echoes stories of Afghan fighters on horseback, living in caves.

November - December, 2001:
Guess what else! Somebody (not U.S. troops, but Ari's not saying who) just happened to find the Osama party videotape! Said to have been shot November 9, it was released to the media on December 13, 2001.
Bin Laden tape released; U.S. calls it 'smoking gun': Saudi gleeful over N.Y. deaths
January 11, 2002:
First prisoners sent to "Camp X-Ray" at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, so they can be dealt with outside the prescriptions of the Geneva Convention
BBC: Inside Camp X-Ray
Wikipedia: Camp X-Ray
November 25, 2002:
The Department of Homeland Security is formed in order to tell us how high our panic level should be on any given day. A parody of the DHS website is created shortly thereafter.

November 28, 2002:
Bush appoints Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission
Bush Creates 9/11 Panel, Led by Kissinger (NewsMax)
December 13, 2002:
Kissinger resigns as head of 9/11 commission
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Facing questions about potential conflicts of interest, Henry Kissinger resigned Friday as chairman of the September 11 commission.
(Coincident with release of bin Laden tape, above.)
The Congressional 9/11 Report:
Searchable HTML format
Downloadable in separate PDF files
Sunday, September 7, 2003:
TV movie shows Bush rising to September 11 challenge
The docudrama "DC 9/11: Time of Crisis," which will be shown on the Showtime cable channel, has already come in for some preview criticism, including accusations of serving as a propaganda vehicle for the president.

Monday, September 8, 2003
September 11 emergency grants snapped up by brokers, lawyers: report

September 11, 1973
Look at that date again. It's exactly 30 years ago. That's not quite within recent memory, but with a bit of prodding, it may come flying back like a bat out of hell for some people.

In today's Guardian, Roger Burbach writes:
On the morning of September 11 I watched aircraft flying overhead. Minutes later I heard explosions and saw fireballs of smoke fill the sky. As a result of these attacks thousands died, including two good friends.

I am not writing about September 11 2001 in New York City. I am writing about another September 11 - an equally horrible one - in 1973. The planes I saw were warplanes and their target was the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile. These two September 11s are related in many ways, and both help us understand why George Bush has led the US into a quagmire in Iraq.
In 1982, a movie called Missing was made by Constantin Costa-Gavras about the story in Chile. Henry Kissinger was involved in the 9/11 of 1973, too. Is it just a coincidence? Read the articles below, and decide for yourself.
June 12, 2002:
Kissinger may face extradition to Chile: Judge investigating US role in 1973 coup considers forcing former secretary of state to give evidence
September 1, 2003:
Last chance to clear the slate of the Pinochet era: The first of three articles introduces Chile's debate on proposals by two victims - the president and his adviser - to heal the dictatorship's wounds
On September 11 a sudden and violent aerial attack on a symbolic building left many dead and the country in a state of fear and panic. This was September 11 1973, the year of the coup in Chile which led to 17 years of military dictatorship, the violent death of nearly 4,000 people, the torturing of an estimated 50,000, and the imprisonment and exile of hundreds of thousands.
September 11, 2003 (back to the present)
Two 9/11s, one story (Note: this link and the quote from today's Guardian article were added after publishing the original post.)
Lies about Saddam/al Qaeda connections:
Allies Find No Links Between Iraq, Al Qaeda (Nov. 4, 2002)
US Renews Claims of Hussein-Al Qaeda Link (January 30, 2003)
Clean air? Yeah, right! Maybe Bush will die an early death from standing atop that asbestos pile to pose with the fire chief and pretend to be a great leader!
Sen. Clinton Calls On Bush To Explain After WTC Air Report: Report Alleges White House Concealed Info On Potential Air Quality Risks After 9-11
NEW YORK -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday asked President Bush to explain a government report's charges that the White House concealed information about potential air quality risks after the World Trade Center attack two years ago.
Michael Moore vs. Snopes (RE: bin Laden's family gets to fly during the "lockdown")

That's just the "tip of the iceberg" as far as the information that's out there. Like the "What Really Happened" site suggests, you should "work it out for yourself," and see if you can convince yourself that there's nothing more to it than "freedom lovers" vs. "evildoers."

N.B.: This has been an especially complicated post and will most certainly require repairs. (Some have already been made, but I'm sure there are still more.) If you find any errors -- regarding either formatting (including sequencing), facts, or bad links -- please e-mail me.
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