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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A boot to the head!

Robert Novak, the loudmouth from Crossfire who published the name of Joe Wilson's wife after receiving information from "White House officials" earns a figurative boot to the head for all his "misspeaking."

Here are a couple of excerpts from a CNN report on this matter:
"Nobody in the Bush administration called me to leak this," Novak said on CNN's "Crossfire," of which he is a co-host. "There is no great crime here."

"They asked me not to use her name, but never indicated it would endanger her or anybody else."


[Joe Wilson speaking:] "Bob Novak called me before he went to print with the report and he said a CIA source had told him that my wife was an operative," Wilson said. "He was trying to get a second source. He couldn't get a second source. Could I confirm that? And I said no."

Wilson said he called Novak after the article appeared citing sources in the Bush administration.

"What was it, CIA or senior administration?" Wilson said he asked Novak. "He said to me, 'I misspoke the first time I spoke to you.' " [Emphasis mine]
The one about asking him not to use her name "poked me in the eye" one too many times. I guess that Novak wasn't able to quote the "nudge, nudge, wink, wink, grin, grin" which accompanied that "request" to not use the name.

Update: Read the Crossfire transcript with all the (LAUGHTER) and (BELL RINGING) and (CROSSTALK) where Novak gets to be both the host and the guest.
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