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Sunday, October 19, 2003

The dark side of the Blogosphere

In my search for a position which seeks to understand various points of view, I read news and views from the ultra- to the infra- ends of the spectrum and everything in between. However, it seems that I've been "over there" a few too many times recently, and it's really making me sick. Tom Tomorrow has obviously visited some of the very same web-shites (sic) and seems to feel pretty much the same as I do.

Spinsanity's Bryan Keefer makes one dizzy with his (unintentionally self-referential) piece "Dude, Where's My Intellectual Honesty?" Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) dissembles about media groveling, and in commenting on an NPR piece, he sends readers over to Andrew Sullivan's blog to get their "Daily Dose" of spin.

With bloggers like Keefer and Reynolds (and almost anybody they link to), who needs facts? Ronald Reagan once said that "Facts are stupid things." If I were to take that statement and the behavior of the aforementioned bloggers to heart, what might this blog look like?

By the way, AIDS and global warming don't exist, condoms don't prevent that nonexistent disease, the moon is made of cheese, and the Earth is indeed flat (despite the oft-spewed "facts" behind Columbus' "discovery" of America). Monday -- every Monday -- is Free Shopping Day, and you don't have to go to work! That brave cowboy fighter pilot named W has singlehandedly rid the world of terrorists (because they're all in Iraq making life wonderful for the soldiers and Iraqi people alike), so don't waste your time grabbing plastic sheeting or duct tape at the store. Go for the biggest items you can stuff into and pile atop your SUV, because there's also an endless supply of environmentally safe oil right under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. (Why are there no links in this paragraph? What -- like I have to back my shit up?! And if I did, I'd just link either to myself or to somebody who links back to me, thus proving the truth of my statements. Just believe me and shut the hell up, why don'tcha?)
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