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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Last chance for democracy

You think I'm kidding, do you? I'm as serious as a freaking heart attack!

I doubt that there are too many people visiting this blog who need to hear this, but I'm going to say it anyway:


Sorry for screaming, but if Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected as governor of California, this will be a very bad thing for all of America. Not only because of the allegations of groping or his aversion to debate. Not just because of his connections with Ken Lay. No, it's much bigger than all of that.

Beyond these things, the circus known as the California Recall is an attempt to recall democracy. If you think this is a crazy runaway train, you'd better do what you can to stop it before it runs you over. Voting "No" to the recall might stop it from succeeding. Voting "Yes" for Bustamante is the only hope of stopping Schwarzenegger if it goes through. If you want to cast a "vote of conscience," I have only three words to say to you: Remember Ralph Nader. If you avoid the polls without a really good reason, you'll deserve whatever you get.

Get out there and vote while you still can. Remember the name of this blog. This is where it becomes literal. Even if you're on an island far, far away from the United States, use whatever influence you have to get people out of their houses and away from their televisions long enough to make a difference this Tuesday! If Gray Davis gets recalled and Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes the next governor of California, it will be more than a bad precedent -- it'll be a bad omen. Mark my words.

Note: I have absolutely no reason to oppose the idea of foreign-born presidents, but the Constitution should not be amended specifically to benefit Schwarzenegger and/or those who would want him in the White House.

UPDATE: The Poison Dart provides one particular link I neglected above regarding ballots just in case you are still not aware that the neocons want to redact you in the redacted "and stuff like that." Go there now!
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