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Friday, November 21, 2003

Blinded on the "right"

Spot the difference in the blogging regarding the number of those at Trafalgar Square protesting Bush's London visit. While Hoffmania! appears to be following the adage of "believ[ing] none of what you hear, and only half of what you see," InstaPu... uses the saxophonist's "circular breathing" method to incessantly spew forth anti-truth pablum.

Hoffmania! (has eyes, can use 'em):
And somewhere in Britain, President Cokespoon is pleased that CNN isn't showing the hundreds of thousands of angry Brits protesting his visit, because the nets are busy covering this "news." [Michael Jackson being driven "to wherever he's going"]

So here. Let's show you what's NOT being shown on the news - the love the U.K. is displaying toward President Pilotpackage: [followed by a series of photos] [LINK]
InstaPundit's Glenn Reynolds (hangs onto his masturbatory "right-is-omniscient" fantasy 'til reality practically bites him on the ass):
The NPR story that I just heard didn't mention any numbers -- it just interviewed protesters. From that alone, anyone used to reading Pravda could have figured out that the numbers were small. . . . [LINK]

[Quoting the BBC "Reporters' log"]:
A relatively small number of protesters have made their way down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace where they have effectively been cut of [sic] by the substantial police numbers who have been visible all day today.

Several hundred people would perhaps be a generous assessment of how many people made it there.
[Reynolds] They're promising 100,000 for tomorrow. We'll see. [LINK]

[Quoting David Frum in the Telegraph]:
The anti-Bush demonstration in Lincoln's Inn Fields was called for six o'clock, but at the appointed hour, journalists and camera crews substantially outnumbered protesters. . . .


I looked up and down the south side of the square. The "mass movement" extended barely half the length of the railing. I'd seen larger crowds at poetry readings. [LINK]
[Reynolds] HERE'S A LIVE WEBCAM VIEW of Trafalgar Square. Doesn't look like 100,000 people to me, to the extent you can tell from one webcam. Nor to Andy at World Wide Rant.

UPDATE: This BBC story still says 100,000 are "expected" -- but if you scroll down you'll see that it's really more like 30-40,000. That's about 10% of the number who showed up to protest the fox-hunting ban. And yeah, I know these numbers don't mean much in themselves. But the downward trend seems pretty clear.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Email from London suggests that protesters aren't exactly overrunning the place. And here's a photo from a London blogger's office window that makes the turnout seem less than overwhelming, too. [LINK]

[Quoting David Carr]
Never in all my days have I cast my gaze upon such a motley collection of bedraggled, unsightly, grotseque and snaggle-toothed specimens as gathered today in Central London.
[Reynolds] And he's got the pictures to prove it. [LINK]
Finally, "all Insta, no Pundit" makes a three-word admission that his claims -- which are merely excerpted above -- were wrong:
"IAIN MURRAY ... says he was wrong about the turnout ... So was I." [LINK]

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What a man, that Glenn! (Not!)
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