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Monday, November 10, 2003

In reverse (for American readers only?)

In countries like Australia and England, November 9th can be written "9/11" ("the 9th of November" or "9 November"). I'm not sure how they do it in Saudi Arabia, but I wouldn't be surprised if yesterday's bombing in Riyadh was planned with that in mind. (I haven't been watching much English-language TV news today, so forgive me if you're already way ahead of me on this.)

On a semi-related note, Andrew Sullivan fails laughably at "debunking" Josh Marshall's "imminent threat" contest results while simultaneously quoting Bush asking "Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike?" Uh, I dunno. Try this search. Or this one. Sullivan wrote that nonsensical post the same day as the bombing -- one day after the U.S. State Department shut down its missions there because it knew of the threat. Go read Sullivan and laugh -- out loud! Roll on the floor, even.

PILING ON: I've got to tack on something more about the Jessica Lynch story. Here's the money quote from the following linked article, in case you haven't yet heard it clearly enough: "She was not raped..."
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