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Monday, November 10, 2003

Reagan vs. Lynch vs. Johnson

Right-wing power vs. impotence. In the vein of Orwell's "Big Brother," right-wingers are literally controlling what you can and can't see on TV, but they can't endure the tiniest bit of "bad light," and they won't put up with the plain truth.

Conservatives got The Reagans miniseries canceled because of so-called "inaccuracies," but despite Jessica Lynch's own disputation of the events being used to promote "Saving Jessica Lynch," that one went on the air.

In a true democratic society, both of these programs would be allowed on TV, and people could form their own opinions via intelligent debate, not to mention actually having seen what they were talking about. However, in the "land of TV, home of the slaves," the one which promotes the agenda of the government by propagandizing its war effort gets on; the one which "tarnishes" the image of the "Great Communicator," Ronald "I Don't Recall" Reagan gets canceled.

This and the Shoshana Johnson story typify what we call a "double standard" valued so dearly by Republicans.
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