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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Ass bike-wards

Officials in "Communo-Capitalist" China have turned logic on its head:
China's biggest city plans to ban bicycles from all major roads next year to ease congestion brought on by a wave of private car ownership, official newspapers said yesterday.

Police will also raise fines tenfold for such cycling infractions as running red lights, Shanghai Daily reported. Such measures aim to "control the number of bicycles on city streets," it quoted police official Chen Yuangao as saying. [Emphasis mine]
As an anarcho-bicyclist -- in a "whole other country" -- who wears a helmet, stops at red lights, and uses hand signals in the interest of public safety (as well as my own), I hereby rip this police official a new virtual asshole. (R-i-p!!!)

This next guy, however, has the right idea:
"Bicycles are an environmentally friendly means of transportation that should not be banned," the paper quoted Zhao Guotong, an official of the Shanghai Economic Commission, as saying.

Shanghai should instead "take firm control of the increasing numbers of private cars," Zhao was quoted as saying. [Emphasis mine]
Do you think the police officials have their grubby little hands in the auto industry's pockets?
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