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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Elephant talk

In what amounts to more double talk from the current White House administration, spokesman Scott McClellan said:
"[Bush]'s priority is to preserve peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in order to safeguard Taiwan's democracy, to promote the spread of personal freedoms in China and spare the region the scourge of war." [LINK]
This comes a mere week and a half after comments by Bush warning Taiwan not to do anything to change the status quo (of the 496 Chinese missiles aimed in its direction). You may recall that (unelected) Bush had no reservations about meeting and dealing with Wen Jiabao, the Premier of (Communist) China, but he refuses* to meet with Taiwan's (democratically-elected) President Chen Shui-bian.

* It wasn't right when Clinton did it either.
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