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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Red dawn for Saddam

In an operation called "Red Dawn," coalition troops are said to have captured Saddam Hussein last night. About an hour ago, Paul Bremer announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him" to the cheers of journalists at a Baghdad press conference. (CNN says it was the "Arabic" reporters.) "Getting" Saddam was probably right, but the way it was carried out could only have been slightly more wrong.

Andrew Card recently labeled the WMD issue a "moot point." Sorry, bud. It's not a "moot point." It was the main justification. Remember "mushroom cloud" and all that? How about all those attempts to link the 9/11 attacks to Saddam?

What was all the fuss about "imminent threat"? It was because an imminent threat is the only justification for a preemptive attack!

Saddam's capture comes approximately 250 deaths after Bush announced "Mission: Accomplished" -- and that's only counting American soldiers, not Iraqi civilians. The name "Red Dawn" and its targets ("Wolverine I" & Wolverine II") were ironically taken from a 1984 film in which Soviet Russian soldiers attack a small town in America's Midwest which is subsequently defended by resident teenagers.

The one thing that would have made this worse is if they had killed Saddam instead of capturing him "without a shot fired." (You've got to hand it to the special forces who carried out this raid for their restraint.) Saddam is said to be "talkative" and "cooperative." Will his capture end the attacks on coalition troops? Only time will tell.
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