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Monday, December 22, 2003

Supposedly excellent news: Bush, Blair don't only kill people

Yippee! Libyan President Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi (alternate spellings: Moammar Gaddafi, Gadhafi, and Kadhafi) has gotten himself scratched off of the United States' and Britain's shitlists for renouncing his programs to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Sorry, buds. That doesn't merit stories like this, from the SFGate:
Libya's decision to renounce its chemical, nuclear and biological weapons programs vindicates Prime Minister Tony Blair's carrot-and-stick approach to dangerous states, government ministers said Sunday.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said Libya's announcement, after months of delicate diplomacy, was "a diplomatic coup." [Emphasis mine] [LINK]
MichNews.com's J. Grant Swank, Jr. seems to be begging to be ridiculed himself when he says things like this:
US President George W. Bush's relentless push for world sanity brings still another plus. It is in Libya, of all places.


That is in direct response to Mr. Bush's persistence in the peace direction. There are certain stimulus-response reflexes that are obvious. This is one of them. Thus the world should be thankful to Mr. Bush and colleagues as well as determined in support of America's present administration.

Mr. Bush is daily ridiculed by the Democratic Party within the US while segments outside America come through with peace overtures. That is amazing and yet not surprising, considering the quixotic moves within the Democratic Party.

I have been thinking for the past eight months how reasonable it would be if the Democratic Party left the US to join in with France, Germany and Russia to form still another nation. It could be called Intarnation Nation for its stubbornness against sanity, peace measures and assisting humans such as Iraqis in grounding their own democracy base. [Emphasis mine]
I nearly quoted the entire article here, but there's yet more to ridicule if you go read the whole thing.

We must remember that UN weapons inspectors were already in Iraq until March of this year. No evidence of weapons of mass destruction was found, yet the inspectors were withdrawn and replaced with the "shock and awe" of aerial attacks. In response, no weapons of mass destruction were used, and in the subsequent nine months none have been found. Many attempts have been made to connect Saddam Hussein to the attacks of September 11, 2001 (none of which have stuck), but Gaddafi/Gadhafi/Kadhafi/Qadhafi himself has admitted responsibility for things such as the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

The CIA World Factbook notes, "Libyan support for terrorism decreased after UN sanctions were imposed in 1992. Those sanctions were suspended in April 1999." Bush and Blair shouldn't try to take all the credit for this.

And right now on CNN, Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge is supposedly about to raise the "threat level" for the holidays. Be afraid. Be very afraid... as long as these bastards are in office.
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