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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wag this!

They couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it

If you've ever seen the film Wag the Dog, you'd know exactly what has been going on in the Bush administration since before day one. Just when you might think the bullshit couldn't possibly get any thicker, the latest absurd lies are being uncovered almost as soon as they see the light of day. Wayne Madsen tells it like it is in CounterPunch:
Fox News, the only TV news crew permitted to fly with Bush, initially reported on Thanksgiving Day that Air Force One flew across the Atlantic and Europe during total darkness and in total radio silence. Of course, that also gave the impression that the plane must have left Washington much earlier than [it was] later reported [to have done] in order to give it the cover of darkness over the normally busy daytime air corridors of Europe. It was later reported that a British Airways pilot radioed Air Force One and asked whether he was, in fact, seeing the presidential plane whizzing by. We were told that Air Force One responded to the pilot by claiming it was a much smaller Gulfstream 5 executive jet, to which the British pilot replied, "Oh." Of course, by radioing the British plane, which now appears to have been a phantom, the Air Force One broke the radio silence originally reported by Fox News. But Fox reports and you'll have to decide. [LINK]
The time of day (turkey breakfast?), the British Airways pilot, the "corkscrew" landing, the multiple demises of "Chemical Ali," a "rankled" and "frantic" Hillary, the rescue of Jessica Lynch, the weapons of mass destruction, the Saddam/al Qaeda link, the foreign insurgents, Mission: Accomplished (which deserves a separate list), "we never said 'imminent threat,'" ... The list of lies coming from the Bush administration is long and thick, and they are not mere phallic references.

Our lives depend on the truth. This is not a silly fixation on sexual indiscretions with a willing White House intern. It's about people's lives, America's present and future security, and its already soiled reputation being brought to a state that may take centuries to repair. Impeach that murderous bastard Bush! And replace all those weakling "Democrats" who have given Bush everything he's wanted! They don't represent us!
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