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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"[T]he despicable act of a morally bankrupt Government"

That's what Tory co-chairman Liam Fox is calling the leak of information published by British newspaper The Sun related to the results of the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr. David Kelly.

According to Femail.co.uk, The Sun -- known for its pro-Blair/pro-war stance -- has said that Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, and Geoff Hoon were all said to have been "cleared" or "exonerated" by the Hutton report and that "Andrew Gilligan and the [BBC]'s management came in for fierce condemnation."

Both of these things stand in stark contrast to the predictions of my post immediately below this one. However, Femail has also published an article in which 3 doctors claim that Dr. Kelly "may have been murdered." Their claims are based upon their opinions that Dr. Kelly "could not have died from such a small wound and with such a small amount of painkillers in his bloodstream," and that "the artery supposedly severed by Dr Kelly could not have produced enough blood to kill him." While these doctors do not appear to have any direct links to the investigation, their conclusions mirror some of my own thoughts upon reading a substantial section of the transcripts of the forensic testimony at the Hutton Inquiry.

If you think the "murder" theory above is dubious, take a closer look at the "National Enquirer" nature of the Sun article.

UPDATE: D'oh is me! It's a day and a half later that I've realized that the owner of the Sun is none other than Rupert Murdoch. That changes things a bit, as noted by this article in the Washington Post:
Only the tabloid The Sun, Britain's largest circulation daily also owned by Murdoch, downplayed the story.

"The public never really cared much about the Hutton inquiry because they all rightly deduced that it was only going to tell them what they knew already," the editors declared.

"That the Prime Minister did not act dishonestly, as his accusers claimed."

"That the BBC system was deeply flawed."

"And that Dr David Kelly largely brought his problems on himself by giving unauthorised interviews."

"There have been many casualties which could have been avoided if people at the BBC had just done their job properly."
This from a pro-war paper?! They're raving mad!

I'd like to remind my readers of something I posted September 3, 2003:
I sure hope Rupert Murdoch gets called to testify at the Hutton Inquiry. I can't imagine why he'd want to protect David Kelly. I can only assume he wanted to protect himself in case other media outlets got ahold of the story.
Go back and read that post (it's a long one -- search for "Murdoch") to see why I hoped Murdoch would testify.
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