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Monday, January 12, 2004


A (dead) mosquito bit me. So I know the locusts' arrival is imminent. Really! Look how my nose is swelling!

"Maddog! You must be trippin'!"

No, I'm not! I'm just imitating what I see in the mass media. Maybe I am trippin', eh? All right, here's the real deal.

It was reported over the weekend that troops from Denmark and Iceland uncovered some corroded shells "buried in the desert" south of Baghdad and "leaking a mysterious fluid." Or as the New York Post screamed in an ALL CAPS headline: "WMD GAS SHELLS DUG UP IN IRAQ." (Notice how that's stated as an indisputable fact.)

Here's a quote from the more reasonable body of the New York Post article linked in the exaggerated headline to this post:
The mortar rounds, which Danish investigators suspect had been buried for at least 10 years, were likely left over from Iraq's war against Iran, they said. [Emphasis mine]
Leftover WMDs! From a war supported by the U.S.! Ha ha ha! Check out the "fear factor" in the sidebar of this FOXNews article. I'm shaking in my boots.

No wonder Bush and Blair are more feared than Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE: Lots more on the Evidence and Implications (or lack thereof) regarding WMD in Iraq can be found here. PDFs of the full text or smaller key sections and chapters of a new report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace can be downloaded from that link.

This is just one element of the snowball of unusual clarity coming out of the media in the past couple of days. Others adding to the girth include the new book by Ron Suskind (The Price of Loyalty) which has put former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill in the spotlight by his revelations within regarding Bush's plans for an Iraq invasion just days after breaking and entering into the White House, Colin Powell's "[no] smoking gun" admission, David Kay planning to give up his post, a 400-member team searching for WMD being "quietly withdrawn" from Iraq, and so much more.

ANOTHER UPDATE: (posted January 15, 2004) "Mortar shells found in southern Iraq by the Danish military do not appear to contain chemical weapon agents as originally suspected, Fox News has learned." Notice how the WMD story was SCREAMED over the weekend, but you won't be able to hear the retractions over ALL THE SCREAMING about Bush's plans for going to Mars (to look for WMDs?).

"To infinite deficit... and beyond!" -- Bush Lighthead
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