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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Chen Shui-bian is no "pink tutu" Democrat!

Chen Shui-bian came out swinging -- four days after being shot in the stomach -- in his first public appearance since declaring victory in Taiwan's March 20 presidential election. He called accusations of "staging" an assassination attempt on himself and Vice-President Annette Lu the "biggest insult to [his] integrity." He also stated, "It was very painful ... We are the ones who were shot. We are more eager than anyone else to find out the truth." Three particularly "valuable" leads are supposedly being pursued in the shooting investigation.

On local TV news today, President Chen talked about how his wife Wu Shu-chen had been run over by a truck on November 18, 1985, paralyzing her from the waist down, after his failed campaign for local government office in his hometown of Tainan. Chen said that at that time, he thought he might never see his wife again and that those same thoughts crossed his mind as he laid in the hospital after being shot last Saturday. It looked like tears might start flowing any second, but he maintained my respect by holding onto his emotions.

Since at least 1979, Chen Shui-bian has been promoting democracy in Taiwan. In 2000, running as the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) candidate, Chen won the presidential election in "Taiwan's first ever democratic transfer of power." This past week, his two opponents in the last election (Lien Chan and James Soong) teamed up in an attempt to beat Chen Shui-bian in an election with only 2 choices, yet they still lost, and are crying like babies. "Unfair!" they endlessly repeat, citing things like the box Chen stood on during his debate with Lien Chan as examples.

Other DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) members also rid themselves of their pink tutus in a brawl with opposition lawmakers. This particular scuffle started between a single DPP legislator and several opposition members after which other DPP legislators joined in to defend the first one. In a press conference afterwards, one of the opposition gangsters put a poster up on the wall behind him describing the DPP as "violent." They really need to look in the mirror! Don' t tell me that they have already forgotten that just this past Sunday morning one of their own -- PFP legislator Chiu Yi -- incited a riot during which a campaign truck came dangerously close to killing people.
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