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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Chen Shui-bian offers Lien and Soong "equal opportunity for sympathy"

This blog welcomes Sisy Chen to join in the fun

What would have been "over the top" if Taiwan's president had said it a week ago is now oh-so-appropriate. After enduring an entire week of unsubstantiated claims from the opposition that an unsuccessful assassination attempt on himself and Vice-President Annette Lu was "staged" in order to gain sympathy votes in the March 20 election, President Chen Shui-bian hit back hard:
Chen's voice quivered with rage when he described his humiliation at suspicions he staged the shooting.

"I do not want to bear this bad name [I guess he means "cheater"] any longer," Chen told his first news conference since winning another four-year term.

The president vowed to step down if his rival could prove the assassination attempt in which a bullet gashed his abdomen had been staged and challenged Lien to find the world's best sniper to re-enact the shooting.

"If you can't do it or you are afraid of doing it, then shut up,"
he told Lien [Chan] and his running mate, James Soong. [Emphasis mine]
I'd encourage Sisy Chen, the greatest promoter of this crackpot theory, to also try it out for the "sympathy" factor. She's going to really need it in the next election.

During their sore loser protest yesterday, supporters of Lien and Soong erected a "crying Statue of Liberty," evoking memories of the Tiananmen Square incident -- only without the machine guns, tanks, and dead people -- perhaps to remind the rest of us (as if we needed reminding) what crybabies they are. "I want my KMT!" Haha!

By the way, I'm still avoiding local TV, and it looks like somebody else -- independent of me -- had the same idea. I just came across a letter to the editor published in yesterday's Chinese-language Taiwan Daily in which a reader suggested for people to leave their TV sets turned off from 6 AM until 7 PM on Saturday. One of these days, I might just "kill" my television.
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