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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Cutting off their noses

(Updated with links to Wednesday's news, as some of this came from things I saw on local TV which could not be immediately backed up with English-language sources)

Like a religious fanatic refusing urgently needed medical treatment, Taiwan's opposition parties (AKA "pan-blue"), whose "leaders" lost Saturday's presidential election by a small margin and have been demanding an "immediate recount," balked today when presented with a chance by the ruling party to change the law to do just that. [UPDATE LINK 1]

President Chen Shui-bian initiated the idea that members of his Democratic Progressive Party should discuss the idea in a meeting called today to revise the current election law to allow for an immediate recount "if the margin of difference was one percent or below," according to the Washington Post. It would also be retroactively effective so as to be applicable to last Saturday's election. Nevertheless, the pan-blue dumbasses objected to the idea, thus "spiting their faces."

This is the event which set off the melée [UPDATE LINK 2] mentioned in the previous post, though that wasn't completely clear to me at that time.

Showing a bit more class, incumbent Chen Shui-bian has already stated that he would "accept [the result of a recount] one hundred percent,", adding that his opponents must also accept the outcome, according to an article in the Washington Post. Opposition presidential candidate loser Lien Chan, however, said, according to the article, that he "promised to accept the result of a recount," but said he "hoped the courts would order a new election because of voting fraud." It doesn't sound like much of a promise to me.

I guess you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't ever please Lien Chan or James Soong. [UPDATE LINK 3] [UPDATE LINK 4]
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