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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's not just a theory, it's a real live conspiracy!

From the horse's mouth:
DOBBS: Mr. Aristide, first, you're in good health, you're in appropriate accommodations?

ARISTIDE: Yes. But my mind is in Haiti, where they are killing people, burning houses ... And that's why I call it a real coup d'etat, a modern way to have modern kidnapping.

DOBBS: Mr. Aristide ... are you suggesting that you were then in point of fact taken by force by U.S. military?

ARISTIDE: Of course, from Saturday -- from Saturday night, the 28th ... I was told that ... I better leave. And under a kind of diplomatic cover, they talked to me. And military talked to me. American agents talked to me. Haitian agents talked to me. And I finally realized it was true, we were going to have bloodshed. And when I asked how many people may get killed, and they said thousands may get killed. So using that kind of force to lead a coup d'etat, it was clear, as I said. [LINK] [Emphasis mine, ellipses in original]
Those are the words of Jean-Bertrand Aristide being interviewed by via telephone by CNN's hack Lou Dobbs. Notice the phrasing of Dobbs' first question about "good health." Do we want to know if he has a disease or if he's been physically injured?

BuzzFlash has repeatedly mentioned the name of Otto Reich in relation to the recent developments in Haiti. Although it looks like a German name (his father was Austrian), Reich was born in Cuba and is a "special 'presidential' envoy" to Bush. Right Web -- part of "the growing national movement of concerned citizens who are working to check the rightward drift of the [U.S.]" -- has a rather lowly opinion of Reich, who has been involved in things ranging from the Iran-Contra scandal to WRAP.

This Reich fellow sounds like a bit of an "unsavory" character to me. For more background on his early involvement in Haiti, read this article from The Black Commentator.
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