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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Let the lies, damn lies, and statistics begin

The polls have closed in the Taiwanese presidential election and referendum, and the votes are being counted as I type. Who knows where the TV stations are getting their results? Every single one has different numbers. Let's take a look at the 5:45 PM counts according to five of the local TV news stations. (Leaders marked with an asterisk)

CHANNEL(1) Chen-Lu(2) Lien-Soong
39 TVBS-N5,013,3575,108,677*
40 ETTV5,212,9535,489,759*
41 CTI5,320,5075,360,499*
42 FTV5,034,038*4,902,919
43 SETN5,243,3365,328,815*

Notice any disparity? It may be important to point out that other than FTV, all the stations listed are owned and or operated by the KMT (Lien's party), PFP (Soong's party), or people whose strings are being pulled by Beijing.

I'm holding my breath and hoping for a win for the Chen-Lu ticket. Final results are supposed to be available around 7:30 PM Taiwan time. Referendum results are slated to be available a couple of hours later.
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