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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Lien Chan's memory less than 24 hours

How else could he say these words without choking on them?

I'm staying away from the 24-hour local coverage of the news because it literally makes me feel ill, but I just saw a lead story on Yahoo! News with some unbelievable quotes:
The losing candidate, Nationalist leader Lien Chan, addressed the crowd and repeated his demands for a recount of the vote that Chen won by a tiny margin.

"If someone uses nasty means to gain power, such power won't be effective and won't be respected," said Lien, a 67-year-old former political science professor and ex-vice president.


Those who believed conspiracy theories that [President] Chen [Shui-bian] staged the shooting to gain sympathy votes carried signs that said, "Democracy shot in the stomach" and "Shooting tricks shall be revealed." [Emphasis mine]
Really? Lien Chan is the nastiest of the nasty, contradicting himself from one day to the next when his tricks don't work. To my own ears, it sounds like his supporters are equating Chen Shui-bian with democracy, even if they're really trying to say the opposite. If Lien Chan follows Bush's examples of Florida 2000, then I'd agree: his "power won't be effective and won't be respected."

Chen Shui-bian has already been trying to work out a deal to allow a recount of the vote, yet the opposition puts on their best crybaby faces and pretends this hasn't happened.

At least I haven't heard any news of more violence today, but as I'm purposely not watching the local news in the interest of my health, I can't be sure what has happened yet. I'm wearing my yellow ribbon, though. How about you?
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