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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Losers of Taiwan's election demonstrate why they lost

Complete lack of leadership abilities

(Updated with additional links)

The protests in front of Taiwan's Presidential Office in downtown Taipei, led by the losers of this past Saturday's election, are going on for the third night in a row. In one artificial attempt at creating the illusion of "civility" that was demonstrated on Monday, loser V-P candidate James Soong asked protesters to not blow their air horns after 8 PM. As of about 2 AM, they seemed to be complying, but otherwise, things were still noisy. Politicians [UPDATE LINK 1] are giving speeches throughout the night from atop a sound truck, and fireworks were being shot into the air as late as 11:45 PM. While the few English signs visible in the TV images say things like "FRAUD" and "A-Bian a cheater" (sic), I read at least one which began in Chinese: "Fuck this..." (but it was turned away from the camera before I could finish reading it).

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! These are the same people responsible for policies which forbade my wife from speaking Taiwanese at school when she was a child! While the DPP was responsible for the very peaceful "228 Hand-in-Hand Rally," the KMT government was responsible for killing between 10 and 20,000 Taiwanese in the "228 Incident" of 1947. Fifty-seven years later, the KMT and its splinter group, the PFP, are still responsible for inciting riots. The same people who worship former dictator Chiang Kai-shek have compared Chen Shui-bian to Hitler in their campaign ads. (See photos of the ad here.)

In two posts on this blog, I recently supported the ads which compared Bush to Hitler, providing lots of links to back up my claim that it was a fair comparison. In the case of Chen Shui-bian, it's quite the opposite.

Since Chen was elected to the presidency in 2000, the opposition has done nothing but stand in his way and attempt to tarnish his reputation with repeated unsubstantiated rumors. In his first month in office, Chen was accused of having an affair with a famous actress. In November of 2003, an unnamed Houston businessman was the supposed source of rumors that Chen paid US$1 million to meet with Neil Bush, brother of that asshole currently occupying the White House. He's been accused of taking bribes by the China Times, which later had to issue a printed apology, but cried that their "freedom of the press" was being crushed. The Journalist magazine even tried to blame Vice-President Annette Lu for spreading a rumor that Chen had an affair with his translator, but were later forced to apologize. Then there's the insanity of the speech in which Lien Chan "left out" the part about Chen being a "kickback president," then gave the original speech to the media so they could report it, then denied having ever accused him of such a thing. None of this stuck to Chen because there was never any evidence, but the damage had already been done. And that's just a small sample of the rumors that have been spread for the past four years.

Later today, I hope to post more about Chen Shui-bian's huge contributions to Taiwan's democracy, but I want to reiterate that he's not at all the "dictator" his opponents like to call him. If he was a dictator, he would've used his power to shut down the media instead of going through normal judicial procedure.

The impression given by reports on CNN demonstrates that they have no one on the scene of the post-election protests and/or that their reporters know nothing of the background to this situation. The truth is that the opposition is pulling completely illogical conspiracy theories out of their asses and making more groundless accusations based mostly on hearsay. Over the weekend, they demanded an "immediate recount" of the votes without first submitting a request in accordance with the Public Officials Election and Recall Law. Instead, they are asking the president to handle judiciary matters, which doesn't fit within the framework of a democracy. The opposition is showing a complete disregard for and lack of knowledge of the very laws which they are decreed to uphold. [UPDATE LINK 2]

Lien and Soong held a press conference for international media on Monday night. While local news obscured much of the English sound while simultaneously translating everything into Mandarin, one question I could make out was when a reporter asked Lien if a recount still showed that Chen Shui-bian won the election, "would he concede?" Of course, he gave an evasive answer, citing Bush's Florida recount debacle, and as I could only expect, he never gave a simple "Yes."

The United Daily News, a local pro-unification paper which favors the Lien-Soong camp, reported yesterday that 42 percent of people they surveyed can accept a recount. However, 63 percent of respondents said that they didn't approve of the protesters' behavior which is being fueled by the "leadership" of this pair of rotten losers. This doesn't support the idea that Lien and Soong could lead a country club, much less a real country.

Fucking lunatic Sisy Chen returned to Taiwan yesterday from a trip to South Korea. Local news reported that she went there to "study" how S. Korea recently impeached President Roh Moo-hyun. My own guess is that she went there to meet with Beijing officials without it being too obvious. I guess she didn't think I was paying attention. Upon her return, she mentioned to a TV news reporter that Chen Shui-bian should "thank his assassin(s)" for being such a good shot. If she really thinks he did this to get a "sympathy vote," perhaps she could try it out herself the next time she's up for election. Yeah! That's the ticket!
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