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Friday, March 26, 2004

More riots in Taiwan

Led by PFP legislator Chiu Yi, supporters of the KMT-PFP ticket which lost last Saturday's presidential election are once again rioting at Central Election Headquarters in Taipei. A phalanx of riot police are trying to block the entrance but are greatly outnumbered by protesters who have already broken several of the glass doors (I think one TV reporter said that stones were being thrown, though I haven't seen this) and are throwing eggs. The remaining glass is awash in egg yolks.

A woman standing near the FTV microphone keeps saying loudly, "Don't hit us! Don't hit us!" but it doesn't look like the police are the instigators. From what I can see, it looks like they have subdued several people who have broken through their line of defense and merely pushed them back outside without making arrests.

Still, the situation on the ground is quite noisy and chaotic. More on this as it develops.
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