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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Taiwan's referendum fails

Lien and Soong still behaving like spoiled brats

Due to a lack of votes, Taiwan's referendum has failed to meet the requirements set in place in order for its passage. Fewer than 50 percent of eligible voters picked up a referendum ballot, thus invalidating this part of Saturday's polling activities.

Meanwhile, all of the local 24-hours news channels are showing live coverage of a sit-in by Lien Chan, James Soong, and I can't tell how many of their supporters outside of their campaign headquarters in Taipei where people are waving party flags and blowing compressed air horns. Lien gave a speech after midnight urging his supporters to maintain calm and keep quiet so as not to disturb area residents, but his calls have gone absolutely unheeded. The 2 losing candidates sat down on the stage in front of television cameras and have remained there not speaking to either the media or the crowds since that time.

Supporters of Lien and Soong are also gathered outside both the Taichung and Kaohsiung prosecutors' offices. It's now past 2 AM, and someone from the Taiwan High Court is on TV giving a press conference explaining to reporters (who keep repeating the same stupid questions) the finer points of Taiwan's election laws and how this situation will be handled according to the law.

I imagine this will still be going on when I wake up later today. I fear that by then, rioting (threatened by James Soong -- and not unlike the ones he caused in 2000) will have already broken out.
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