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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Then and now: what a Dick!

Dick Cheney is upset that John Kerry won't reveal the names of the foreign leaders Kerry says support him in his bid to oust Bush from his stolen spot in the White House. Let's remind Dick of some recent history, shall we?

In 2001, Bush formed the National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG) whose meetings were chaired by -- you guessed it -- Dick Cheney. Wanna know who he met with? Sorry. He refuses to reveal their names. If you were interested in finding out just how "willing" the administration's coalition supporting the Iraq war was, you might have trouble getting them to reveal the names of some of these supporters. Wanna know who's imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay? John Ashcroft won't reveal the names. This is starting to sound like a certain Yardbirds song.

So what's this they're saying about Kerry again? They want him to "reveal the names" of these supporters? Fat chance, Dick!

I guess they removed all the mirrors from the White House in January 2001, eh?
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