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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Desperados, why don't you come to your senses?

You've been out ridin' fences, for so long now

Desperado James Soong stooped to a new low yesterday in making what local TV news called "sexual innuendoes" about comments made a day earlier by Vice-President Annette Lu "describing her experience in the March 19 attempted assassination of President Chen Shui-bian and herself in Tainan City." [LINK]

An eTaiwanNews.com article says Lu "penned the account in hopes of clarifying for citizens the actual facts of the incident." The written account, according to the article, says that after realizing that she had been grazed by a bullet the Vice-President "inadvertently touched Chen's left side with her right arm and discovered that his jacket was moist and sticky and only then noticed that the president was bleeding from a wound, later shown to be minor, to his belly."

While this sounds rather unusual, as the images originally purporting to show blood on Chen's jacket were proven to be an illusion, it makes just as little sense for her to be making this up. But far exceeding this is the senselessness of James Soong's apparently calculated reaction to this information. According to the same article, Soong (as if he has access to the evidence) "said that it was 'impossible' for [Lu] to have felt moist blood from Chen's wound, and used suggestive gestures to question how Lu's right hand could have felt Chen's lower left side."

Perhaps it is fortunate that I missed it, if it was on TV. While I can only imagine what exact "gestures" Soong used, Lu's response was appropriately harsh. The article tells it like this:
Lu said Soong's description "displayed a perverse mind and obvious personality problems."
In other words, "He's a sick pervert!"

A DPP legislator appearing at a press conference shown on TV news Wednesday evening had a good comeback for Soong. She said (jokingly?) that unless he could provide a doctor's statement certifying his mental health within 2 days, she would ask the Central Election Committee to have Soong committed and thus declared ineligible for further participation in the recount process he's seeking.

Ever since Soong's partner Lien Chan whined during a televised debate he had with Chen Shui-bian that it was "unfair" (because the shorter Chen was standing on a box), it has been clear to me that the pair were quite desperate to regain power. While pre-election polls showed the Lien-Soong team leading Chen and Lu by about 3 percent, the margin of error of such polls (usually around 4 percent), coupled with the fact that these polls were conducted by pan-blue media, makes it rather unsurprising that the incumbent Chen-Lu duo won by 0.228 percent. This is exactly why all the unsubstantiated claims of "election fraud" and "staging" the assassination attempt ring so hollow among thinking individuals.

By the way, if there are any Taiwanese university students out there who are interested in fighting against those "fake lilies" at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Plaza, here's an idea for you. Go out there with a whole bunch of delicious food, surround the protesters, and taunt those idiots (who are working for the sore loser crybabies) with it. Slurp, belch, rub your belly, moan out loud how good it is, offer them some of it -- but do this in a large group, and be sure police are nearby to protect you from the inevitable physical attacks that will occur. I would be so proud of anyone who could get at least one of the fakers to take off his or her mask and cry for the TV cameras about how little they're being paid by their leaders to suffer like that.

Wilhelm Reich might have diagnosed Soong as an "armored organism" and told him "[he]'d better let somebody love [him], before it's too late."
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