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Friday, April 09, 2004

Simple logic counters invalid conclusions obtained from false data

An editorial in Thursday's eTaiwanNews.com smashes to bits the latest ravings of the illogic-fueled pan-blue crybaby sore losers of Taiwan's recent presidential election, echoing some of the very sentiments I expressed in a post I wrote earlier the same morning.

The editorial points out the pan-blues' mass demonstrations, disavowal of responsibility for the ensuing chaos, lawsuits to "invalidate the result and nullify the election," cries for supporters to "storm the Office of the President," and demands that the president "set aside the Constitution and declare a 'state of emergency.'" They left out the demands of Lien Chan and James Soong to meet with the president and their subsequent refusal to do so when he offered a meeting which dropped previous conditions demanding that they first end the street protests, the investigators that were brought in at the opposition's request and the following continual demands for an independent investigation, and the "sexual innuendoes" that were made by James Soong in connection with Vice-President Annette Lu's description of the assassination attempt.

The "false data" referred to in the editorial comes from an "open letter" from the pan-blues in the form of a half-page advertisement in some of Wednesday morning's local Chinese-language newspapers. The ad is full of statements which are easily proven to be false by the eTaiwanNews.com editorial. These include claims about pre-election polls, attendance figures at pre-election rallies, and effects of the March 19 assassination attempt. The ad also accuses Chen Shui-bian of being "afraid" of doing certain things demanded by the opposition -- things which may, in fact, be unconstitutional. ("What? Us pan-blues aren't afraid of tearing up the Constitution! Why is Chen Shui-bian, the 'dictator' afraid to?") But that won't stop the pan-blue supporters from believing the crap.

Go read the editorial to see the point-counterpoint of this farce by the pan-crybabies. It's not their latest (that would be their withdrawal and refiling of one of their election-related lawsuits), and I'm sure it won't be their last.
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