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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Taiwan's opposition flip-flops again

The crybaby losers must be getting sick of themselves

Yesterday: Taiwan's opposition, shifting focus from demands for a presidential poll recount, warned of protests for the next four years if an inquiry was not held into an assassination attempt on President Chen Shui-bian. (From a Reuters report on eTaiwanNews.com.)

Today: Taiwan's opposition [Chinese] Nationalist Party [AKA "Kuomintang" or "KMT"] plans to hold another demonstration on April 10 in the capital to demand an independent probe into the shooting of President Chen Shui-bian, which the party said Chen may have staged to win sympathy votes hours before the election."The party has a police permit to hold the protest in front of the presidential office, and it could be the party's last. ... We don't want to hold protests week after week. ... We want to return peace and stability to society." (An article on Bloomberg.com, quoting a CtiTV interview of KMT organization and development affairs committee director Ting Shou-chung.)

Me: Yeah, right! (ROTFLMAO!)

The Poison Dart: "Want some cheese with that whine?" (giving me his reaction to the crybaby losers via e-mail)
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