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Monday, April 12, 2004

Taiwan's pan-greens have had more than their fill

How much more must they endure?

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) finally held a rally Sunday night to express its gratitude to supporters of Chen Shui-bian and Annette Lu in the March 20 election. Chen and Lu won by a margin of only 0.228 percent, and the opposition pan-blues have been crying like spoiled babies ever since, denying pan-green supporters the opportunity to celebrate their victory in the election.

Pan-blue politicians and their supporters attacked prosecutors' offices on election night, staged a noisy week-long sit-in in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei (making demands that would violate the Constitution while crying that "Democracy is bleeding," claiming they want "the truth," etc.), accused the DPP of election fraud (providing absolutely no evidence), rioted at the Central Election Commission building when the outcome of the election was officially announced on March 27, threatened to storm the Presidential Office, backed a "hunger strike" of supposedly "non-partisan" students (who actually worked for pan-blue parties), and rioted again just this past weekend.

All the while, pan-green supporters have been "biting their tongues" and holding to the letter of the law when in their gut they'd just like to rip the fucking throats out of some of these evil motherfucking violent pan-blue bastards.

Chen Shui-bian finally said something that he's surely been refraining from saying out of political considerations, despite having been called a "dictator" and compared to Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Adolf Hitler by the opposition since before the election:
"What is the truth? The truth is that they [Lien Chan and James Soong] are being sore losers. The truth is that they are being irresponsible by not stepping down [as chairmen of their respective parties] after their loss. They are making society pay for their irrationality." [Emphasis mine]
It's time to stop them from running up the tab any further.

Sons of bitches (and their mothers, too)
A Chinese-language article in today's China Times (This is Taiwan, mofos!) informs us that one of those arrested in Saturday night's riots in Taipei was Tsai Fu-jen [UPDATE LINK 4/13/2004, spelling corrected], someone who works for People First Party (PFP) legislator Shen Chih-hui. Are you as unsurprised as I am? Shen was one of those two-faced assholes leading the battle cries of "Charge!" when facing off with riot police (who didn't start trying to disperse demonstrators until 20 minutes after the time allowed by their permit had expired) who then broke into tears after police stepped on their toes.


While PFP party chairman and crybaby loser V-P candidate James Soong put on airs of "kindness" by visiting the "injured" PFP legislators who went to the hospital with exaggerated complaints (but had, at least, stopped screaming like banshees for the moment), he didn't spend one moment visiting any of the Era News and other journalists who had violence inflicted upon them by protesters. Besides, these fakers were taking attention away from people who probably needed real help, and the media attention given to their crocodile tears surely made things at the hospital more difficult.

Callers to Wang Pen-hu's Taiwan Call-in TV program tonight have been expressing a lot of their pent-up anger at the idiots rioting in Taipei and the politicians who are stirring all the shit up. Even the pro-unification Chinese-language United Daily News has printed an article today saying that many people within Lien Chan's own party are asking him to stop all the whining and "gracefully step down."

He should really take their advice, because I'd take it even further. The arrests of politicians like Shen Chih-hui, Chin Huei-chu, Sisy Chen, Diane Lee, her brother Lee Ching-hua, Liu Wen-hsiung, Chiu Yi -- all the way on up to James Soong and Lien Chan for their post-election rabble rousing (absurd accusations with zero evidence) -- are long overdue. They belong in jail for serious crimes against the whole of Taiwanese society.

As Lien Chan admitted shortly after starting this mess, "It is out of [his] control." If they have all made their own [prison] beds, I don't think there should be too many qualms about letting these people lie in them.
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