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Friday, April 02, 2004

Would you like fries with that recount?

Another day, another absurd shift in their requests

If I had to paraphrase the latest crap being spewed by Taiwan's spoiled crybaby loser opposition "pan-blues" who have still lost the March 20 presidential election, here's what I'd say: "That's not the kind of recount we want. Let's, uh, recount only the Chen-Lu ballots! Yeah! That's the ticket!

Actually that's almost an exact translation of what they said. According to a Taipei Times article today called "KMT-PFP alliance wants to examine only ballots cast in favor of Chen, Lu," a complete recount isn't what they want after all (at least not in the latest mutation of their position). After all their weeping and moaning and screaming and brick-throwing and truck-crashing, are we now simply supposed to ignore the Lien-Soong ballots because somebody realized there might be some evidence of impropriety there if a complete recount is conducted?

Lien Chan and James Soong have been demanding a meeting with Chen Shui-bian ever since they lost the election, and yet they refuse to do that, too, when given the chance. Remember all of this when CNN tells you in one of their brief news wrap-ups -- without explaining any of the background -- that the pan-blues still haven't had their "requests" (a pre-ordained win?) met.

As further proof that they're nothing but totally spoiled immature brats, the pan-blues have threatened "protests for the next four years if an inquiry was not held into an assassination attempt on President Chen Shui-bian." (This after Chen has already allowed investigators approved by the opposition to proceed far enough to have already drawn conclusions!) Tell me something new! The pan-blues have been suffering from "sore loser disorder" for 4 straight years already since losing their grip on power in the March 2000 presidential election. It's really an "old tune," and they need to get the fuck over it and work on fixing their own problems.

But wait -- it gets even more outrageous!

The pan-blues also want the Chen Shui-bian government to pay for their lawsuit seeking to annul the election, too! The law says that the plaintiff must deposit funds sufficient to cover costs (so as to prevent "frivolous" lawsuits with insufficient evidence from being filed) and the the loser must cover the costs in the end, the pan-blues once again want to ignore the law and play by their own rules. If they've got the evidence they claim to have, what are they afraid of? Why all the games?

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more absurd, PFP legislator Chiu Yi (remember him -- the "earthworm" who's being charged with treason for inciting a riot at the Kaohsiung prosecutor's office?) stood in front of the legislature today and speculated aloud -- once again, without providing a shred of evidence -- that Chen Che-nan (deputy secretary-general to Chen Shui-bian) is acting in league with gangsters. Who's kidding whom?

All of this brings us back to the question of the KMT-PFP alliance's ability to act as leaders of any-fucking-thing! They couldn't run a "cram school" much less a country -- certainly not one in Taiwan's predicament. Consider the preceding paragraphs once more in light of KMT Secretary-General Lin Feng-cheng's statement that they want "truth, fairness, justice and rule of law." Doesn't that sound more than just a little contradictory?

Maybe I should've asked instead, "Would you like more bullshit with that?" [UPDATE LINK]
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