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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Wu'er Kaixi undergoes lobotomy (or something)

Rumor gets started right the fuck here

If Chinese dissident Wu'er Kaixi underwent a recent lobotomy -- or even a not-so-recent one, for that matter -- it might explain his recent comments "labeling the DPP as the Chinese Communist Party."

If he been lobotomized, this might -- possibly -- explain his otherwise inexplicable support of the poor misguided individuals sitting in Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Plaza demanding that the "truth" be told about Taiwan's recent presidential election and spouting some crap about the desire to "Fight for democracy." (See earlier posts, beginning with this one from March 19, if you're lacking background on the hypocrisy being demonstrated by these and other protesters who have been whining for 2 solid weeks.)

If Wu'er had had the entire frontal lobe of his brain removed recently, this might be a plausible explanation for his ignorant statements which "blasted the government in Taiwan for its tight control over the media and the judicial system."

If Wu'er had stated plainly that he was referring to opposition parties' control of the media and attempts to control the judicial system, I would have wholeheartedly agreed with him, because it is the predominantly "pan-blue" media which feeds the public a hate-filled diet 24 hours a day. They have not only criticized Chen Shui-bian and printed false accusations about members of his administration since day one, but when Chen asked for retractions regarding malicious lies which they'd printed without any sort of evidence (instead of putting their editors in jail like they'd do in Beijing), they cried out in pain as if they were characters in a Monty Python film, "Help! We're being repressed!"

This blog farts in their general direction.

A hypothetical lobotomy would also explain Wu'er's desire to go back to China, and all the ass-kissing of that country which he's done recently in various discussions of such a visit with TV and print media.

Pangzi (Wu'er) and I, we go way back
My first face-to-face encounter with Wu'er occurred when I attended a lecture he gave at my university sometime in the early- to mid-1990s. At that time, I was impressed by this guy who led student demonstrators in a charge for democracy which got lots of his fellow student demonstrators killed on June 4, 1989 at or near Tiananmen Square. He wasn't nearly as "full-figured" then as he has since become, now that life in Taiwan has allowed him the luxury of cheap, delicious non-prison food. [CORRECTION: Wu'er didn't do time in a Chinese prison. He snuck out of the country while fellow activists like Wang Dan were jailed for the better part of a decade.]

How soon some people forget!

Is the person making all these dumbass comments about Taiwan in recent media reports the same Wu'er Kaixi who led the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square? Could he somehow be the same Wu'er Kaixi who rebuked Premier Li Peng in front of TV cameras? Did he undergo a full frontal lobotomy? Did he "sell his soul" to the pan-blues?

Of course he did -- unless you have a better explanation. I mean, c'mon!

I'd like to suggest that if this person exhibiting symptoms of atrophy of the brain is, in fact, the same individual, then from this point forward he should be referred to as "Worn-out" Kaixi.

UPDATE: Monday evening on Taiwan's local TV, people were suggesting a different nickname for him -- "Wu'er Kai Liu" -- which means to "slip away" or "skip out."
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