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Sunday, May 16, 2004

A cornucopia of clouds over Taiwan

Pan-blues are still insatiable power-sluts

Over the past week, Taiwan's weather has been hot and sunny, but the media has seen to it that there have been lots of "clouds" nevertheless.

The media in China has repeatedly [LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3] published the same article (in various locations) saying "Chen urged to cancel inauguration." The key quote among the echoes says that "Taiwan media reports said that already more than 30,000 votes have been challenged" and that according to the crybaby sore loser opposition pan-blues, this should "prompt the president to call off next Thursday's inauguration."

In their friggin' dreams!

Chen won the election by just under 30,000 votes, so it's simply a convenient number for the pan-blues to throw to the media lapdogs.

In the hopes of further spreading their propaganda to English speakers overseas, the opposition has enlisted "more than 200" supporters as far away as New York to chant slogans such as "stolen presidency" while claiming that "more than 330,000 'invalid ballots' had been discovered since the recount began."

Talk about a cumulonimbus!

That's the same number of invalid ballots that were discovered during the original count, as pointed out in a Taipei Times article titled "Civic group proud over number of invalid ballots" which reminds readers that there was an alliance that was trying to generate a million invalid ballots! Unless you were following these events from the beginning, the claims of the New York protesters might seem shocking.

Let's take a peek at the man behind the curtain.

As early as last Tuesday (only the second day of the recount), Taiwan's High Court was already urging the pan-blues, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and the media to stop commenting on the ballot recount and suggested for both sides to "sit back and relax" until the judges had determined how many of the "questionable" ballots would be classified as "invalid." TV media has been reporting unverified figures regarding recount "discrepancies" all week anyway.

The inauguration is to be held this Thursday, May 20, and we should expect a lot more clouds in the meantime. A real live typhoon may make even it to the island by that time. Then again, it may just be more fearmongering propaganda from the pan-blue media.

An aside:
While out at the nearby hypermarket earlier this evening, I saw a man wearing a shirt with "Tong yi Zhong Guo, Taiwan" ("Taiwan, reunify with China") written on the back. It made me want to spit.
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