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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hou You-yi: Feng is full of shit!

Taiwan's English-language media should be all over this!

Of the 3 English-language newspapers published in Taiwan, only the China Times -- whose owners don't seem to know they're not in China -- mentions anything about the insane theory of People First Party (PFP) legislator Feng Ting-kuo who was on TV yesterday purporting to reveal how Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian "staged" his own shooting on the eve of the March 20 presidential election. The article has this to say:
[Feng] demonstrated during a parliamentary committee meeting his theory with a one-meter long steel tube that had an opening of about 10 cm on its side near the center.

He pressed the tube on his abdomen, with the opening facing him. He said if a shot was fired from one end of the tube, the bullet would travel through it, leaving a wound exactly like that on Chen's belly.
The same China Times article also quotes Criminal Investigation Bureau chief Hou You-yi as saying "This is too imaginative." Hou's comment stands in sharp contrast to what Feng was claiming in an interview on TVBS-N last night during which he said that Hou had told him during a conversation "in the bathroom" that he "agreed" with Feng.

According to a Chinese-language article on Yahoo! Taiwan News, however, it sounds more like Hou is saying this: "The legislator is full of it." (My translation of Li4 wei3 de0 xiang3 xiang4 li4 tai4 feng1 fu4, more directly, "[The] legislator's imagination [is] too abundant." NOTE: The definite article "the" doesn't exist in his Chinese sentence, and the singular/plural form of "legislator" cannot be determined from the quote. Hou could actually be saying that all legislators are cracked.)

A repeat viewing of what I videotaped from the TVBS-N broadcast last night reveals to me that anchor Chen Ya-lin did ask Feng about Hou's quote (just after I started recording while I was probably still fumbling with the remote control). Feng responded that Hou was only saying such things in public, but that privately (i.e., during their conversation "in the bathroom") Hou agreed with him (Feng) -- the same person whom Hou basically was saying (in public) is "mental." Can you get any more "mental" than Feng?

Birds of a feather
The PFP is overflowing with some real mental cases: Feng, Chiu Yi, Liu Wen-hsiung, Chou Hsi-wei, Shen Chih-hui, Chin Huei-chu, Diane Lee, Lee Ching-hua -- and let's not forget their chairman, James "Loves-to-Kneel" Soong. These people are dangerous to society, and something should be done about them. However this gets handled, it will probably have to be a joint effort of the police and social services.
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