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Thursday, May 20, 2004

"United" only in their divisiveness

Can you say "Napoleon complex"?

On the day of Chen Shui-bian's inauguration after being re-elected as Taiwan's president back on March 20, the opposition crybaby sore losers of that election, Lien Chan and James Soong, declared themselves president and vice-president of the "Republic of China," while the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Headquarters across from the Presidential Office bore a huge billboard reading "No Truth, No President."

The awkwardly-worded slogan supposedly refers to Chen's "refusal to explain" why neither he nor his running mate Annette Lu died in an assassination attempt the day before the election. However, I think they were actually -- if inadvertantly -- referring to the people on their own stage in front of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Not much truth was spoken on the pan-blues' stage, and there were no presidents in attendance -- only a couple of wannabe emperors!

Furthermore, if they believe that the "truth" -- as they suggested earlier today -- is that "as of today Taiwan has no president," then Lien and Soong simultaneously poofed themselves out of existence.

"We don't think, therefore we're not"?

Dumb and dumber still
While People First Party (PFP) chairman and loser V-P candidate Soong was accusing President Chen this morning of "hiding behind bulletproof glass," Soong himself was "hiding" behind some kind of shields which were placed as protection at the front of the very stage from which he was speaking.


Although President Chen was still wearing a bulletproof vest (as prudence would suggest in the current political climate), he had already dispensed with the barriers, supposedly because of all the other redundant levels of security in place.

Still, a "wrist rocket" sling shot was confiscated by police from a protester at the KMT headquarters. In a raid of an underground weapons factory in Taipei today, a rifle and three automatic pistols were recovered, and one Su Ta-wei (sp?) was arrested.

Other arrests related to rocket launchers were also made in the southern Taiwan port city of Kaohsiung last night, and another group selling guns and drugs was caught in a hotel near a pre-inaugural celebration there.

Dividers uniting for greater divisive power?
The latest big measure in the pan-blues' desperate attempt to regain power is a proposed merger of the three opposition parties: the KMT, the PFP, and the New Party. This was all decided by the senior figures of the three parties without ever consulting their lower-ranking members, and it has pissed off more than a few people within their own parties. (And they accuse Chen of behaving like a "dictator"!) This sort of behavior will certainly negate many of the benefits of such a merger.

One of the most hilarious aspects of the plan is its so-called "ethnic harmony" platform. The pan-blues have recently claimed that Chen's campaign created a great deal of "ethnic divisiveness." (See earlier post for more.)

While Chen's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been very opposed to China because of the 500-plus missiles it currently has pointed at Taiwan, it is not against the ethnic Chinese living in Taiwan except those particular individuals who seek to forcefully unify Taiwan with "the Mainland." Those people are full of it, but there are many others (Ruan Ming, Chin Heng-wei, and Hsieh Chih-wei, for example) who are immigrants from China that support the DPP.

And of course, we mustn't forget that the KMT is the party which forbade Taiwanese people from speaking Taiwanese while ruling via martial law until the mid-1980s. Not a good foundation from which to start such a pogrom, er, program.

Bestiality in the comics?
Today's Liberty Times does a wonderful portrayal of the "animal husbandry" experiment this combination of exclusive hatemongering groups seems to be. The 'toon features a crazed cow fucking a horse. The sign on the fence reads: "Location of the KMT-PFP Merger Experiment." A farmer in the background is saying, "In four years, we can try again with a Soong-Lien ticket" (meaning with Soong as the presidential candidate and Lien as his V-P).

Yeah, but what about Chen?
Chen's inaugural speech this morning reached out to China while simultaneously defending "policies that anger the communist giant." While the opposition could only repeat "No truth, no president" like a broken record, Chen was talking about future plans for revisions to the Constitution that would include "reforms to the legislature, lowering the voting age and changes to military service requirements."

Chen is clearly the man for this job -- not Lien, who only knows how to criticize Chen (and isn't even good at that).
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