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Friday, June 11, 2004

"Mayberry, ROC"?

Taiwan's crybaby loser pan-blues' approval ratings plummet

As Gomer Pyle might have said, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" After all, who would have figured that such idiotic behavior would lead to this?

After nearly three months of crying, screaming, whining, repeatedly tearing down President Chen Shui-bian's portrait, complaining of "unfairness," inciting people to murder the president, and just plain shit-stirring, "the disapproval rate of the pan-blues' protests has increased to 67.8 percent from 53 percent," according to an article in today's Taipei Times.

The survey, which was done by a group called Taiwan Advocates, also draws this conclusion:
"[I]f the election were held today, 60 percent of the public would vote for the Democratic Progressive Party-backed [DPP] presidential ticket of Chen and Vice President Annette Lu, while 40 percent of the voters would support the KMT-PFP alliance's Lien [Chan]-James Soong ticket."
Well, go-o-lly! The pan-blues have only been shooting themselves in the feet almost every single day since the March 20 election.

In that election, DPP incumbents Chen and Lu won the presidential race by a margin of only 0.228 percent the day after they were struck by two bullets during a campaign parade in Chen's southern Taiwan hometown of Tainan. Neither candidate sustained life-threatening injuries, but the opposition cried foul after they lost, despite saying just the day before that the shooting wouldn't affect the outcome of "their" election.

Then the crackpot theories about a "staged" shooting became just another of the pan-blues' many desperate attempts to sway public opinion. Because the shooter or shooters have not been captured, these theories have continued to spread, but no proof has ever been offered to back them up. In fact, renowned forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee and his team, approved by the pan-blues, has debunked most of the theories.

According to the Taipei Times article linked above, political analyst Yang Sen-hong (Romanized elsewhere as "Yang Hsien-hung" and "Yang Hsian-hong"), while not naming any sources for his figures, makes this claim:
"[T]he percentage of people who regard the election-eve assassination attempt on President Chen as fraud increased from 29.7 percent to 31 percent in the two month period between March 30 and May 20..."
Given that the pro-blue media constantly promulgated such theories during that period, it's surprising that it didn't increase more than a mere 1.3 percent, a much smaller number than all those people who were led by American right-wing media to believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001.

As far as the propaganda of the pan-blues is concerned, I'll just have to invoke another Gomer Pyle sound bite: "Well shame, shame, shame!"
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