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Monday, June 28, 2004

Watching the so-called watchdogs

Your host Maddog was watching Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on CNN after midnight this morning. My wife was curious why I insisted on watching this cheesy dimwit about whom I complain so often. "So I can keep track of what kinds of lies he tells today," came my reply.

I didn't have to wait long at all.

Wolf's first guest (on tape) was U.S. Secretary of State (Terrorism) Colin Powell -- that bastard who displayed computer graphics and unidentifiable flying objects to the UN as "evidence" that we were "all gonna die" and should "be very afraid."

Here's how Wolf began the interview:
BLITZER: Mr. Secretary, welcome back to "LATE EDITION." Thanks very much for joining us.

You're in Turkey right now. Three Turkish citizens are being held prisoner, apparently by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Iraqi terrorist. What do you say to the Turkish government that clearly is concerned about what is going on in Iraq? [Emphasis mine]
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is not Iraqi. He's Jordanian. You'd think that Wolf would know that. I bet Colin Powell does, too.

Here's what Powell had to say in his reply (continuing directly):
COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: Well, the president just met with Prime Minister Erdogan, and obviously this came up, and we assured the prime minister that we were doing everything we could to secure their safe release.

Once again, this shows that we're dealing with a terrible terrorist organization led by Mr. al-Zarqawi, that doesn't care about human life, that does not care about the Iraqi people. [Emphasis mine]
This coming from someone whose actions have led to the deaths of around ten thousand Iraqi citizens!

And no, Powell never did anything to correct Wolf's lie about al-Zarqawi being an "Iraqi" terrorist. (Read the entire transcript of the [scripted?] Blitzer-Powell interview here. Read the transcript of Powell's February 5, 2003 lie-fiesta before the United Nations Security Council here, or watch the video of the lies here. Where are all those things, dammit?!)

Later in the show, Wolf interviewed both Republican Senator Bill "Ricin" Frist and Henry "War Criminal" Kissinger, but I'd already had my fill of lies by that time.

Doesn't that sound like state media to you?

Fahrenheit 9/11
Unfortunately, Michael Moore's latest film hasn't made it to my island hideaway yet (I'll probably have to start a petition), but my pal at The Poison Dart (who also has a very interesting recent post about Spain's former government's "suspected" involvement in the Madrid bombing) has, and he informs me that it's breaking all kinds of box office records. My own analysis of why it's doing so well goes like this:
1) The same people who were out in the streets protesting prior to the invasion of Iraq are coming back out of the woodwork -- out of "hibernation," so to speak.
2) In the meantime, lots of people have renounced their allegiance to the AWOL cowboy in the White House or have, at least, begun to question it (due to the dizzying effects of all that cognitive dissonance).
3) In addition to winning the Palme d'Or, all the opposition to the film has INDEED created more interest in it!
Box Office Mojo shows that Michael Moore holds 3 of the top 7 positions in the box office takes for documentary films. I don't know how accurate their data is, but it's certainly interesting enough to merit a look.

Countdown to handover
But hey, everything's gonna be better on Wednesday when the U.S. hands over whatever it is they're (magically) handing over, right?


UPDATE: I guess everything's all better now, seeing how they did that secret shaky handover thing two days early and all. Barring today's death, injuries, and beheading threats, all seems to be going, er... just, um... peachily?
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