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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bill Clinton live

Arriving home from work, I found Bill Clinton on CNN in the middle of his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Here are some of the best quotes I heard:
* "They [the Republicans] need a divided America, but we [the Democrats] don't." (on the reasons behind the Republicans' portrayal of Democrats as "unacceptable")

* "Our way works better." (on shared responsibility, shared opportunity, and global cooperation)

* "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values." (on the Republicans' accusations that Democrats can't protect the U.S. from terror)
Patti LaBelle is now wrapping up the evening's events with a song. Wolf Blitzer says that Clinton "electrified" the audience while simultaneously wondering "how much good" he did. Can you say "clueless"?

Looks like I missed Al Gore's earlier statement about "Every vote must count." "mak[ing] sure that this time every vote is counted." (I blame CNN for the botched secondhand quote.) I hope they'll loop that one on video for at least the next 3 months and 6 days.

P.S.: Posting links is still a pain in the ass due to Blogger's so-called "upgrade."

UPDATE: The text of Clinton's speech is already online. (Note: it's not verbatim.) Gore's speech can be read here. (Also not verbatim.)

UPDATE 2: Videos of Clinton and Gore's speeches are available via C-SPAN. If the links disappear from that page, try these: Clinton video; Gore video.
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