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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Blogger workaround

For those of you who may be in a similar situation following Blogger's recent WYSIWYG "upgrade" (Mac OS 9, Mozilla 1.3, can't type anything in the "create post" window, Blogger functions in IE 5 and Opera 5 have been reduced from previous incarnation, etc.), my good friend at The Poison Dart has provided a workaround that'll suffice in the meantime if Blogger soon fixes the problems affecting me.

It's the "Blog this!" tool that can be added to Mozilla's Personal Toolbar.

If you're using Mozilla 1.3, drag the above link to your Personal Toolbar, and a new item will appear there. (If the toolbar isn't visible, go to the View menu and choose "Personal Toolbar" from the "Show/Hide" submenu, and it should appear beneath the Navigation Toolbar where you type in URLs.)

The way it's normally used is to post something related to a web page you're currently viewing. When you click the item in your Toolbar, a Blogger window will pop up. You may have to log in, but then you'll have a "nearly bare bones" editing window with the spell check, link, bold text, and italic Javascript functions, though the blockquote and preview functions won't be available. Also, you can't edit previously created posts using the "Blog This!" tool. (That'll have to be done in the "completely bare bones" dashboard available in the IE or Opera browsers.)

Hey, it's better than nothing, but I sure hope Blogger doesn't get throw that baby out with the bathwater!
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