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Friday, July 09, 2004

The cognitive dissonance of gay conservatism

As far as political debate is concerned, it's the stuff of red herrings, but Matt "Not Gay" Drudge's recent report on the "touching between two men" (soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his newly-announced running mate John Edwards) does reveal volumes about him and his right-wing compadres.

Seeing how they are simultaneously squirming uncomfortably and privately "going wild with photos of the two Johns," here are some Google bomb recommendations for today:
homophobe, homophobes, homophobia, homophobic, hypocrite, hypocrites, hypocritical, Janus-faced, two-faced
I can only wonder if Drudge and the neocons are as deeply troubled by all that "male-to-male" touching, butt slapping, hugging, kisses on the face, full-on "mounting" and even symbolic fellatio that goes on in the professional sports (so admired by those rugged heterosexual types) as they are by such "indecent" things as hugging or Janet Jackson's breast!

If Drudge and his regulars are actually latent or closeted homosexuals, don't you think they'd feel a whole lot better about themselves if they admitted it to themselves and everyone else and stopped pretending that this "affection" stuff offends them (or would the cognitive dissonance simply cause their heads to explode)?

And even if John Kerry and John Edwards (who are both married to women) were either gay or bisexual, why should that bother me in the least?

UPDATE: (Tuesday, July 13, 2004) In a post last Friday titled "Matt Drudge is a Douchebag ," AngryFinger shows in a wonderfully parallel series of photos (mocking the Drudge post mentioned above) how "George Bush just can't keep his hands off every guy he sees!"


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