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Monday, July 26, 2004

DemoCon 2004 underway

No, I'm not there, but the bloggers who are at this year's Democratic National Convention just kicking off in Boston can be found via Convention Bloggers and Feedster. I'm counting on Atrios to give the media some real hell and expose some of the disgusting dirt emanating from their general direction.

Anyway, I just had to get those links posted, even though the blogging process has been made abnormally difficult due to Blogger's recent switchover to a WYSIWYG dashboard.

Happy Blog*iversary to Me!
In other news, this blog is just moments away from its one year mark. The biggest topics taken on over the course of the year have been an in-depth analysis of some of the testimony from the Hutton Inquiry (see September 2003 archives) and the Taiwan election -- including the pre-election assassination attempt on the president and vice-president as well as the opposition's riots and other insane misbehavior (see everything between March 19 and June 17 of this year).

Thanks to Scott Sommers' Taiwan Weblog, A-Changin' Times, MyBlagh, and especially my pal at The Poison Dart (who encouraged me to start this thing) for all the visitors they've sent my way. I'm still hoping for at least a slight increase in the number of visitors to this blog in its second year. Help spread the word!
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