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Monday, September 13, 2004

Cream of mushroom cloud

No weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq, but there was one of those mushroom cloud thingies following a huge blast in North Korea last Thursday, you dipshits! Whether it's a test or an accident or whatever the fuck it actually is has yet to be determined (though I'd think it would be rather easy via satellite photos, seismic readings, atmospheric testing for radioactive fallout, etc.).

That being said, this is not one of those times where I hope to say "I told you so."

Weapons inspectors were in Iraq prior to this latest war telling us that there was no threat there, but North Korea boasted of their nukes. In the logic of the Bush administration, this called for bombing Iraq and ignoring North Korea. Trying to cover their mistakes would be one explanation for why the US is so readily saying that the blast was not nuclear and calling the cloud "peculiar." Condoleezza Rice goes into Yogi Bear* mode and says, "Maybe it was a fire, some kind of forest fire." (*Note: not Smokey. Smokey would've shown some concern about putting the damn thing out.)

South Korea's reasons for saying the same sort of things would more likely be due to fear. They should, however, try a little harder not to contradict themselves while doing so. Here are two paragraphs from the same article:
An official of the Korea Meteorological Administration also explained, “A related seismic wave would be perceived if there was a nuclear test either above the ground or underground. But no such wave was measured around Sept. 9 when the explosion is said to have happened.”


A staff in the Korea Institute for Defense Analysis explained, “A mushroom cloud is seen in all large-scale explosions, not only in a nuclear explosion. It is related to the scale of an explosion, not to the cause or characteristics of the explosion.”
So are they trying to tell me that it was about as big as a nuclear explosion, but it didn't cause any seismic waves? Get the fuck outta here!

Doesn't it just make you want to blow chunks when government officials excrete statements like, "We're not ruling out any possibilities, but we're absolutely certain it's not (fill-in-the-blank)"?

By the way, I'm not suggesting for anyone to recklessly bomb North Korea -- only that it should be increasingly obvious to everyone that attacking Iraq was wrong. The Bushies knew that Saddam was no threat to anyone, but North Korea openly threatened a "first strike" on the US just prior to the invasion of Iraq.

Is that ass backwards or what?!

And really, doesn't it make you wonder if the Bushies actually meant "No child left alive"?
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